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Hey there, I’m Tee!

I am a creative. I will bring your big ideas to life.

About Me

I’m Tiana. I am a creative. I build cars. I enjoy piano. I am a YouTuber.

I am proud to enjoy such a vast range of hobbies.

I would say that design is definitely a leisure activity for me since I enjoy it just as much as all my other passions. I’ve been drawing since a very young age, my mother saw talent in me when I was really young and put me through a extra curricular art class when I was in year 2. We got taught amazing things like how to draw using the less used side of your brain, and how to draw in the style of realism. Yes, I was no older than 7 or 8 years old. I almost became obsessed with art.


In year 5 and 6, dad had this computer guy who would come around and fix his computers for him and his name was Sam. I would ask Sam, do you have any programs I can use on my computer for graphics? Back then Adobe wasn’t as big as it was. So he would download Jasc and Corel Draw for me. I began to get really good at using this program. I would then challenge myself even further by then finding the free web hosting site called Piczo and build a website using HTML codes. I’m pretty certain Piczo has been shut down after all these years. This became my weekend activities. Sometimes I wouldn’t stop for 9 to 10 hours. I became literally infatuated with it.


The love began there, and then I was in my teens, I began to become fascinated with photography and portraiture. I would take photos at events when I was just 16 years of age and even get some of my friends out to model for me out on the street. I realised I could make a living out of it if I really wanted to…


Then when I got my license, I began having a passion for cars. Cars had always been a thing in my family growing up, and since I have two older brothers (and no sisters) it was inevitable that I was going to end up immersed in the auto world. My parents would expose me to car shows and it excited me. My brother would take me out when I was 15 on a car cruise. I loved working on cars and building them. Cars to me are like a big piece of mechanical art. There’s beauty in cars that appeals to me. I then went onto building them, and I guess you could say I maintained my passion for art in a very alternative way.


Growing up, I always got told by many people that I am talented in visual arts and that I should pursue something in that field. I went against what everyone said and tried to complete a degree in Mechanical Engineering. After two years of study, I decided to quit. Why? Because I don’t love maths. I love art.


Sometimes the road you were meant to take from the very beginning might take you the extra long way, but you will always be lead to the destination you always intended to. So here I am.