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Bandit Racing RX7 Time Attack Car – Livery Design

Bandit Security and Bandit Racing – Tactical Response and Asset Protection, a new division of Web house International, responding to the ever changing security needs and customer demands.

Bandit Security (aka Bandit Racing) has been formed to expand the group services, providing a range of niche Tactical Security Services, Providing Community Based Security Solutions, Vehicle Tracking & Recovery, Tactical Response Services, Armed/unarmed Guards, Bodyguards, Private Investigations, Mobile Guarding, Patrols and Monitoring Services.

I had gained the opportunity alongside Colour X Wraps located in Melbourne to design both liveries for their RX7 (entirely carbon fibred) Time Attack BEAST, and the enclosed trailer to go with it!

Not only was he a pleasure to work with, but he wanted to give me creative control to “see what I could do”.. I really enjoy being able to express my best form of art for my clients.

This design was intentionally created to be a head turner, utilising the detailed textures and multiple overlays, I as able to achieve a livery design with depth.