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Lippy Motorsport S13 Drift Car – Livery Design

This livery design I created for Lippy Motorsport is a personal sentimental one for myself as a creative.

I bet you’re wondering why. For the people who know me, I’ve been drifting for over 2 years almost now. In 2019 (the first year that Tiana Creative was established), I attended a drift event in Mount Gambier (see video here). After attending many events before, nothing motivated more like this event. Troy Lipschinski, one of the pro drivers, really caught my attention with his original R31 Skyline. I noticed his setup and livery was simple, but I realised his driving was insane.

That event was the personal turn around point for my own personal drift career. Since then, he had updated his chassis to an s13. I had approached Lippy Motorsport with a sponsorship.

He was honoured to have me on board and to give me complete creative control. So this is what I came up with after 10 hours of design time. He admired it, no revisions made! I really enjoy seeing people flourish in motorsport and in business — and also having a creative input.

It’s one of the most rewarding things of doing what I do.

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