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World Time Attack Challenge 2019

World Time Attack Challenge 2019 required many designs to display the celebration of their 10 year anniversary and the creation of the game “Grid” featured on both Xbox and PS4 which was based off of the actual event at Sydney Motorsport Park. The game contains many of the legendary time attack vehicles.

The design collateral ended up on the cover of their booklet brochure and was handed out out at the event to all attendees. This booklet contained information on the vehicles at the event and the schedule for the day.

The main purpose of the design collateral for World Time Attack Challenge 2019 was to tie real racing and virtual racing together in a really unique way. The way Tiana Creative composed the design was through photoshop and photo montaging all of the images together and then adding strobes through using a tablet to hand draw each item. The aim was to keep the brand consistency whilst introducing an element of a night/virtual world.

As a bonus, we also got to use the design collateral and adjust it to work on a skateboard too.

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